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    This is really interesting. Really. I am Chinese, born and raised in China, now living and working in Austria. I got my Bachelor degree in China, Master degree in Germany. My whole family is still living in China, as well as many childhood friends. I go back to China to visit my family and friends roughly once per year or two years – this year my husband and his family went with me and traveled to many cities in China for 3 weeks.

    I have been very active whole my life online (got my first computer in 1992) – you name it – early forums, BBS, chat board, all possible Chinese and foreign social media (in China and outside of China) for almost 20 years now. I know all the tricks and all the “sensitive words” – and I see sensitive content being erased online there – it doesn’t stop Chinese people (especially young kids) keeping talking about things – yes – you can complain about the government online in China and most of the time the government doesn’t have the time or energy to check what everybody says on all social media (I’m not only talking about Weibo – Weibo is quite boring, there are many different ones – Zhihu, Tianya, WeChat…). Chinese people are like people everywhere else – they complain about the government and there are official and unofficial channels they give feedback and quite often, the government receives the feedback and intends to improve. There has been a TV program in CCTV-1 started in late 80s exposing bad things happening in the country by sending undercover journalists to uncover things that being covered. That has been for long time the most popular TV news program in China and tens of millions of people watch it.

    Oh my god – did I mention Zhihu – you should check it out there – it started like a Chinese version of Quora, now actually it turns to be more like the Chinese version of Reddit – so you can imagine what people say there and how fast a post can get millions of views in a few days before getting enough attention.

    So with all of those facts (hopefully you get what I’m saying) – I, here, have the biggest mystery in my life ever – I have NEVER heard about the credit system thing. NEVER EVER.

    I’m like a dog sniffing everywhere, try to find any trace of it – I know what you think – because Chinese government blocks everything – no. People are very smart nowadays. Young people are very politically aggressive. Many people have ways to be on FB, twitter and so on. I have Chinese friends everywhere in China and out of China. My family lives there. I go there. While I’m in China I talk with many people – family, friends, strangers, teenagers holding the latest version of iPhone, wearing Vetements and for whatever reason hate their own country so much that they would leave and go aboard the next second.

    NOBODY knows anything about it.
    There is literally NO TRACE of it in people’s life in China.

    If you think about the scope of the population, how vivid the online life (and underground online life) is over there, this is just impossible that something so big like this is never being known or discussed.

    This is the perspective from my side. I don’t see any Chinese contributor to this piece, so I wrote a few things I know, as a Chinese.

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    Unattributed quote in the first line.

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    What’s the relationship between Sesame Credit and the full scope of the social credit system?

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    Would be really interesting to get stories of people’s lives when they’ve been blacklisted, do people see it as a just system?

    There’s a really nice podcast about the social credit system by NPR’s Planet Money that might be of interest

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