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    Why do you check only one factor – gender?
    Scientifically it’s better to research many factors related with crime – race, skin color, religion… – it will be really non-bias research.

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      Thanks Alex, this is a good point. We will be looking at how there are multiple factors that affect crime rates.

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    This article about India from 2000 found that the female-male ratio is negatively correlated with the murder rate. They show that murder rates are higher in districts with low female-male ratios.

    This article from 2006 also provides some empirical evidence linking the male-female ratio to crime.

    This article published in 1991 refers to other articles that show that males exhibit higher rates of offending for most serious offenses. They also investigate the male-female ratio. They link this ratio to family disruption, and links this family disruption to crime rates.

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    This study of 6 Asian countries found that higher male-to-female sex ratios were associated with the increase of three different types of violence: intimate partner violence, rape and use of weapons.

    This study from 2009 showed that the crime rate in China doubled in the proceeding two decades, and is hypothesized to be the results of the uneven sex ratio (the one-child policy began in 1979). “Using annual province-level data for the period 1988-2004, we find that a 1 percent increase in the sex ratio raised violent and property crime rates by some 3.7 percent, suggesting that the sex imbalance may account for up to one-sixth of the overall rise in crime.”

    For England, Wales, and Scotland, violent crimes against persons increased with the sex ratio in a study that spanned from the late 1800s to the 1980s.

    In India, this study found that a high male-to-female sex ratio is positively associated with the chance a person in a household was a victim of theft or assault in the last year. They concluded that an increase in the male-to-female sex ratio by 5.5 points raises the odds of a household member being a victim in the last year of “unlawful household entry” by ~12% and “assault” by ~11%. That same increase in sex ratio also raised the number of women who reported that unmarried girls were being harassed “sometimes” or “often” (as opposed to “rarely” or “never”) by over 20%.

    This report on China found that a higher sex-ratio is positively associated with the likelihood to commit a crime. They concluded that the primary cause for this rise was “Men turn to criminal activity in response to the greater competition in finding a mate and the need to appear more financially attractive.”

    I believe these studies could be incorporated into the article to show that there are many differing viewpoints on the subject.

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      Thanks Kat for these. It’s definitely going to be a central part of the story to show that a positive link between more men and more crime is somewhat disputed. There could also be other causal relationships between gender imbalance and crime that I want to find and analyse. Please add any other studies you find.

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