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    I would like there to be wider discussion on wikitribune of how we cover Venezuela. I feel like there are some gaps and I don’t feel like I am getting the full story. The assassination attempt may not have been covered because the mainstream media have already covered it sufficiently, but I was also able to find many stories that covered the fear of a crackdown, some with an almost identical headline to this one. An assassination attempt of a world leader, regardless of how much they are liked or what their policies are, is always a newsworthy event. Speculation about the results of such an attempt is also fair game but is much more editorial and less factual in nature.

    There are two relevant facts which I have not seen explicitly mentioned in any coverage of Venezuela for quite some time, neither in the mainstream nor in independent media:
    The Venezuelan government was democratically elected (although there are a lot of concerns about the legitimacy of that election).
    There is currently an attempt underway to overthrow that government.

    Unless we all agree that the Venezuelan government is bad, and should be removed from power, and we all agree that a violent coup is the best or only way to achieve that, I would expect to see a frank and honest discussion where those arguments are put forward in a factual and unbiased way. Rather than convince me that this is for the best, the newsmedia seems to be operating from the assumption that I already think that a violent coup is the best or only way to resolve the difficulties that Venezuela is facing and I only need to be updated on how things are going.

    This is not directed solely at the author of this piece, I don’t have the right to tell other people what to write about. What I am trying to put forward is that there is a part of this conversation I do not understand, that it falls within the scope of the newsmedia to clarify, and that seems to not be part of the wider discussion at all. I may be the only one who is unclear about this but I feel that a coup d’état on a democratically elected government is an issue that deserves extreme vigilance and careful analysis, especially in a country with a history that includes other such events.

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      Hi Duncan. What the story is reporting is human rights NGO’s well-founded fears that the Venezuelan government is using this alleged assassination attempt – and I stress alleged because there are conflicting accounts of what happened at the parade, and Maduro has a history of making unfounded accusations – to further crack down on civil and individual liberties in the country. Apologies if you saw similar stories elsewhere – we tried to publish this one asap.

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      I’ve also added a couple of lines about Maduro’s re-election and some new information about a former police chief who claims to have helped organize the drone attack. Will respond to the other questions on your TALK page because I’m really interested in having this conversation. Thanks!

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