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    I suspect the writer of this piece Is trying not to be strident. But “it is believed” and “it is assumed” are weasel words (

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    Two quick points: 1. Differential psychology suggests strongly that differences between individuals are not dichotomous, but continuous and exist on a probability curve (bell). I wonder if that extends to gender? Is gender really continuously variable? Society seems to be recognizing that with current views on gender. This view would mean that limiting the issue to male-female differences might ignore a lot. 2. There is, of course, a fundamental difference between male and female that is inherent: males pursue, and females are pursued. Males are on offense, and females are on defense. Though we are transcending those primal urges, there are vestiges in current behaviors. This revelation might not be reflected in direct psychometric research, but it should be in the back of the researcher’s mind. Now with that all behind me, I should read the paper in question!

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      Thanks for your comment, Stephen!

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    Hi Maria, thank you for your submission. I am an editor at WikiTribune, and I wondered if you would like to expand this into a story? Can you work on a draft, setting out your thesis and framing it against current events? And the cite some research in this area. I will then help you with getting the piece published.

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      Thanks, Burhan. Yes. I will be working on a draft. I will update it here. Best regards,

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    Hi, Peter: Absolutely. My aim is to express what psychological research has to say about the topic. Especially psychometrics and differential psychology. No attacks on him personally, I will just focus on his arguments. (Sorry for the delay in the response.) Maria.

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    Hi. Thanks for the story idea and we will look forward to it as it emerges. It is absolutely critical that it be written from a “neutral point of view” so no attacks on him personally while taking apart his arguments with facts. I suspect it will become an ANALYSIS or an ESSAY depending on how you get on. It is also important that everything be attributed as much as possible so users can tell how you are backing up whatever contentions you are making. Peter, Launch Editor

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