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    I hope this comment is not out of order here.

    I read the story; was intrigued; I began to do research to supplement the story.

    I have a comment and a question.

    Comment: The story is based solely on a column in the South China morning Post.: I read that article. There are three or four direct quotes (at least two of which seem ridiculous), but no other references in the article. Maybe I overlooked it, but in two or three hours of Google research I didn’t see anything reliable-looking to support the notion that this kind of technology is being used or even exists. I did read another blog post, quoting an academic source, suggesting the technology does not exist as the SCMP states. An article in “Atlantic” makes a passing reference to this sort of technology and suggests it is futuristic.

    Question: I know the story is not finished and far from publishable as it is. I see that the author has suggested a number of follow-up issues for the story. But what is the story here? That one columnist wrote about how the technology supposedly is being put to use, but a tech blogger says the technology is not ready?

    Another question: if I’m right about the lack of support in and for the SMCP, then is this the kind of story we should be putting our efforts into?

    I hope my comment and questions are not harsh-sounding. I raise the issues here because it seems like a good place to ask: Is an undocumented column in the SMCP sufficient as basis for a story?


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      Hello Steve! Sorry for the late reply( I don’t work weekends). Your comment doesn’t sound harsh at all. That piece is a call-out, not a story, which is meant to encourage research and discussion to create a story. Sometimes a story doesn’t occur if there’s not much for it to go on. From what you discovered, it seems there aren’t many other leads to take that specific China story further, no big deal. 🙂

      However, the call-out is also a broader thing to look into the new frontiers of surveillance technology, which is worth taking further.


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        Thank you for clarifying.
        – Steve

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