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    This is a disaster of an opinion item.

    Of course the Venezuelan opposition hate the government, they have for 17 years. The Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal also hates Venezuela, because it is in the process of a social, political and economic revolution, to overthrow capitalism and build it’s Bolivarian model of 21st Century Socialism.

    Venezuela is no dictatorship. Honduras and Brazil on the other hand are dictatorships.

    Their voting system has been credited by international observers as being fair and free. Jimmy Carter labelled it one of the best in the world.

    You’re “journalists” should at least report the truth and not regurgitate fake news, in that the opposition on Venezuela have caused so much violence and terrorism in the country, especially in the 2002 coup d’etat and in 2014 as well as earlier this year.

    I’m afraid after reading this wikitribune is irrelevant.


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      The paragraph at the end should read ” the truth is that the opposition have caused so much violence in Venezuela…”

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        I believe the Jimmy Carter remark was from 2012. Quite a lot has changed since then. If there are reliable alternative sources you’d suggest we’ll take a look.

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          Quite a lot has changed since then? Are you implying that in the space of 5 years the government has all of a sudden become a dictatorship? Seriously.

          This is part of the misinformation propaganda machine that is prevalent in the western media.

          I suggest you look at these sources for REAL news on Venezuela:

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    This seems like the typical amerikan main stream media bias. The 3 so-called experts interviewed for the article were all obviously picked for their anti-Venezuela mind set. I am really disappointed to see this type of obviously bias writing on WikiTribune and am troubled that you allow reporters of this ilk writing for you. There is enough of this garbage on MSM and I am hoping you can rise above the dungheap of MSM.

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      Rather than cast aspersions on the integrity of a determined reporter, perhaps you have some suggestions on reliable, accurate, alternative sources on the Venezuelan scene? Seriously.

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        I think one just has to apply common sense to the situation. We know Venezuela has never made an aggressive move against amerika… ever. We know amerika has made many aggressive moves, from sanctions to military coups, against Venezuela. One needs to ask oneself why all this unwarranted aggression from amerika.
        This “determined reporter” has no integrity Mr. Bale. He just regurgitated the same talking points of amerikan propaganda that we have heard many times already over the years. I have given up on MSM. I hardly ever read western media and never watch western based news any more. My mind is much clearer without the constant pollution of western/amerikan propaganda. The truth is out there. I am still hopeful that this site will shape up and become a beacon of truth. At the moment though I find a site called MintPress News satisfies my needs. I subscribe to their daily newsletter and that’s one of my windows on the world.

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          Hi Gary,

          I’d just like to remind you that we have a very strong policy against personal attacks. Saying of another contributor, whether staff or community, that they have “no integrity” is neither helpful nor appropriate.

          I’d like to second Peter’s request for suggestions on sources you think are better. Just ranting “fake news” about the “MSM” isn’t persuasive when Trump does it, nor is it persuasive when anyone does it.

          Here’s the best way forward – let’s all assume of each other that we are genuinely interested in learning more about the world in a neutral environment free of hostility.

          If that isn’t what you’re here for, may I kindly suggest that you’ll find many other places on the Internet which welcome or at least tolerate throwing insults at each other as a means of debate. But here, we are different, and here we won’t tolerate it.

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            Noted. I apologize.
            Here’s a list of different articles that appeared on Mintpress news about Venezuela
            It should be noted that Mintpress just searches the web for articles and republishes them on their site.
            It is apparent that you have noted a problem with MSM yourself, consequently this attempt at creating an alternative. Therefore it was a disappointment to see one of the 1st articles being a typical MSM article repeating the same tired talking points of amerikan propaganda on your site. Hopefully we will see more facts and truth in the future.

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